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    We Help You Accelerate Company Growth with Deep Go-To-Market Expertise

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    Move Your Company Into Rapid Growth Mode

    We have helped some of the most successful companies in Silicon Valley grow into tech titans and we can help your company too. We’ll leverage decades of experience in what works and doesn’t work in hi-tech go-to-market strategies to get your company firing on all cylinders, and we’ll work with your team to make it happen.

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    Increase Revenue Production from Your Sales Team

    We’ll put your sales team in the best possible position to succeed with differentiated positioning and messaging, demos that hit critical customer pain points, and improved pricing and packaging if needed. We’ll help your sales team improve close rates, increase deal sizes and drive add-on sales to current customers

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    Build a Bigger Base of Opportunities for Your Sales Team

    Pipeline is the key to growth because more pipe means more at-bats for your sales team, and combined with improved conversion rates, results in sales acceleration. We'll increase your pipeline through comprehensive multi-channel demand generation, powerful digital marketing programs, an improved website and content strategy, efficient marketing ops and lead management, and insightful metrics and analytics.

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    Increase Awareness of Your Company and Your Brand

    Customers buy products from companies they know and brands they trust. We’ll help you get on the map, stake out a market segment you can own, and make some noise with better company branding, corporate positioning, and loud and proud company communications and social media programs.

  • Services

    Critical Elements Rocket Scale Delivers to Accelerate Revenue Growth

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    Who You Are, and How You Can Uniquely Solve a Big Problem

    You’ll need strong messaging and positioning if you want to accelerate growth. We develop compelling messaging, differentiated positioning, and killer value propositions that truly resonate with your target market, clearly differentiate you from the competition to speed the buyer’s journey and help to close deals faster. We’ll analyze your customer’s needs, the competition and market trends to develop cutting-edge positioning that will set you apart from the rest. Then we’ll infuse this powerful messaging everywhere including sales pitches, website, marketing campaigns, and social media for consistency and maximum impact.

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    Building a Broad Base of Opportunities for Sales to Work

    If you want to grow faster, you’ll need a bigger pipeline to fuel that growth. We help build a strong pipeline of opportunities by creating a comprehensive demand generation program that identifies target markets and ideal personas and drives inbound leads through a multi-channel approach including digital, social, website, content, and programs to nurture opportunities through the buyer's journey. We develop or refine existing marketing tech stack, marketing ops, and lead management processes to efficiently move opportunities to SDRs and sales, track progress, and optimize through metrics and analytics.

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    Make the Most of the Opportunity You've Created

    It will be difficult to grow fast if your sales team is not firing on all cylinders. You’ll need to at least maintain and ideally increase sales rep productivity as you scale up. To do that, you’ll need an integrated plan that includes hiring, training, team structure, management and compensation, compelling sales pitch and demo, strong message delivery, selling through roadblocks, understanding competitive tactics, and more. With our decades of sales experience at high-growth tech companies, we do a deep dive and get hands-on with your team and help to identify what’s working and what’s holding them back, and put plans and programs in place to give the sales team the boost they need. And help you build the infrastructure to scale that solution to larger sales teams as you grow.

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    A Critical Link in the Go-To-Market Chain

    Product marketing is a central piece of your GTM strategy, connecting product capabilities with customer needs, amplifying that through all marketing channels, quarterbacking campaigns and launches and driving product-led-growth initiatives. And it’s also the single most difficult function to find and retain in tech due to a woefully short supply of skilled product marketers. We augment your current product marketing capabilities and mentor current staff if needed with experienced product marketers who cut their teeth at the most successful tech companies. Better product marketing will increase the effectiveness of all your sales and marketing programs, and help to drive growth.

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    Create the Next Big Thing

    You want to be the Next Big Thing. Creating a new category is the grand slam of GTM growth levers, and is the magic bullet behind Salesforce, Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, Netflix, and many successful companies in all industries. It sets you apart with a clear field of opportunity to develop, rather than fighting over scraps with 10 other look-alike competitors. We’ll help you get there by leveraging our direct experience in creating numerous new product categories that drove the success of multiple tech companies to help you distance your company from the competition and become the Next Big Thing.

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    Your Strongest Prospect Engagement Vehicle

    Your website should be your single most important source of leads, your best distributor of content, the clearest representation of your brand, and a critical growth driver. Is your website falling short? No single aspect of your GTM arsenal has as much potential as your website. We’ll help you refine or rebuild your website so it engages your prospects and customers at every stage of the journey, delivering the right message and supporting content to move them along their journey. And present the company’s brand identity in a clear and compelling fashion to add an emotional component to a logical choice.

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    Hand-on Coaching and Guidance for your Team

    Need some experience at the table? Someone who has been there and done that to guide your team to the promised land? Or looking to turbo-charge your GTM plans and refine them to make them better? We are here for you. We can help coach and develop your GTM team and evaluate your GTM plans offering insights on what we see that is working and not working, and how other successful tech companies have handled similar challenges and overcome them to succeed. Every company faces a myriad of challenges as they grow, but it does get easier when you’ve seen the movie a few times and know the path that leads to success. We can show you the way.

  • Programs

    How We Serve Your Company


    Rocket Scale becomes a GTM advisor for your company, committing a minimum of ½ day per week to help with any area of the go-to-market engine that needs attention. We’ll meet with your team, study the market, analyze your programs and results, and make ongoing recommendations on how to improve performance and scale faster. And we’ll work hands-on with your team to implement the plan and monitor results. This level of advisory is more hands-on and involved than typical tech advisors who can only commit a few hours a month at best. This is a month-to-month commitment that can be canceled at any time free of charge.

    Growth Mode

    Rocket Scale gets more hands-on with your sales and marketing team where needed, i.e., deep-diving on programs and initiatives, participating in planning meetings, coaching and mentoring the team, and evaluating plans, execution, and results to drive higher company growth. Growth Mode typically starts with a commitment of at least one day per week and can often expand to two or more days per week as the need arises. This can also expand into a Fractional CMO role, or leading the marketing function and team on an interim basis in either a full-time or part-time commitment. This is a month-to-month commitment that can be canceled at any time free of charge.

    Turbo Boost

    For specific projects like a messaging framework, pricing initiative, brand identity work, or website makeover that will have a clear start and end date, Turbo-boost allows Rocket Scale to focus its resources on one or more specific projects that can have a tremendous impact on your growth trajectory. This is particularly useful in high-leverage areas where bringing in outside perspective and expertise can complement internal resources. Rocket Scale will estimate the amount of time the project should take, and submit a fixed bid proposal for the project.

  • Bio

    Over 25 years of experience building numerous technology leaders at all stages of growth

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    Al Campa

    Founder, Rocket Scale

    Al is a highly experienced tech executive and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in accelerating growth and revenue for companies. He has a proven track record in building and scaling highly successful tech companies and has guided three companies through IPOs and two through acquisitions. As a startup entrepreneur, Al has raised over $100M in venture capital.


    Al's expertise in go-to-market strategy and execution has been instrumental in driving revenue growth for several companies, including RingCentral, where as CMO he helped it grow 35% a year to over $300M in revenue. As CMO at Taleo, Al helped establish Taleo as the leader in Talent Management, which fueled its growth from $100M to $250M in revenue in 3 years, leading to its acquisition by Oracle for $2B.


    As Founder and CEO of Jaspersoft, Al set the company vision of pioneering Open Source Business Intelligence and drove the growth of the company that was acquired by Tibco. As VP of Marketing at Actuate, Al helped it grow from a 10-person startup to $40M in revenues and an IPO in 4 years. And as a Marketing Executive at Sybase, Al helped it grow from revenue of $50M to $1B and an IPO. And at Sun Microsystems, in charge of one of Sun’s largest product lines, Al helped it grow from $500M to $2.5B in revenue.


    Al’s expertise in building and scaling successful tech companies has helped both startups and larger companies accelerate their growth, gain market share, and establish market leadership in highly competitive industries.

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    Deep Experience

    A Methodology for Building High Growth Companies

    Al's experience setting go-to-market strategy, executing that strategy, and leading the teams that drove numerous tech companies to IPOs and acquisitions gives him valuable insight into how Sales, Marketing, and Product need to organize, align and execute at different stages of growth in order to scale to the next level. Based on these experiences, Al has developed a Go-To-Market Methodology for rapid growth that can be applied to companies of all sizes and all stages to accelerate their growth.

  • Success

    A few words from some of our customers:

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    "Al from Rocket Scale has been a great advisor for me on strategic and marketing initiatives at MongoDB and previously at DocuSign. He has so much experience building successful tech companies, and he is able to apply that experience to my challenges to give me insight into the best path forward. As a former CMO and CEO, he brings a unique perspective that has been invaluable to me."


    Meagen Eisenberg, Chief Marketing Officer, MongoDB

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    "We were looking to accelerate growth, and Al from Rocket Scale helped us develop a very strong go-to-market plan. He worked with us to identify the target market, develop a powerful message platform, value proposition, and sales pitch, and worked with our sales and marketing team to generate more pipeline. He is super-experienced at go-to-market and knows what works to help a company grow faster. He also helped us with our company strategy, fund-raising, and investor introductions. He has been a great strategic advisor for me as CEO and for our company."


    Etai Beck, Founder and CEO, Folloze

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    "Al was instrumental in helping us craft a very compelling company story and value proposition to better differentiate Wepow, which lead to bigger customer wins and ultimately our acquisition. His career as a CEO and CMO helps Al to work at both the strategic and tactical levels when need be. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and help implement any initiative. Al has tremendous knowledge of Go-To-Market from his experience scaling companies of all sizes. He can help any company accelerate growth."


    Imo Udon, CEO, Wepow

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    "As an advisor to Cadency, Al has offered invaluable help on our business strategy, go-to-market plans, sales pitch, and fund-raising process. He brings a tremendous amount of experience as a technology executive that has scaled many businesses. And his knowledge, experience, and industry connections have been super valuable to Cadency."


    Nabin Bilas, Founder and CEO, Cadency

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